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AQUI-S 20E Aquatic AnaestheticAQUI-S® 20E is only available in the USA

AQUI-S® 20E is a water dispersible liquid anaesthetic for finfish, crustacea and abalone. In the US AQUI-S® 20E has an immediate release label claim.

There is no requirement for AQUI-S® 20E to be made into a stock solution prior to use.  Handling applications require an AQUI-S® 20E concentration of between 75 and 100 mg/L in an immersion bath.  The concentration of AQUI-S® 20E requires for sedation applications is ~20 mg/L AQUI-S® 20E.  Induction responses will be dependent on the species, the age, level of fatigue and condition of the animals, and environmental factors.

Sedating fish with AQUI-S® 20E prior to and during a handling event will minimise physical activity by the animal, reduce the metabolic rate and mitigate the stress response by minimising the release of stress hormones. Consequently, fish have improved condition and survivability after handling.

AQUI-S® 20E is availablein the USA unter INAD #11-471.

Please contact our USA distributor for more details.

PDF Downloads:

Regulations AQUI-S® 20E SDS Regulations AQUI-S® 20E Tech Sheet